The Strong Sunflowers

The Strong Sunflowers

By Gisselle and Zana


You might be asking yourself what’s a strong sunflower? And if Webster were to define it… it would say…Someone that conditions their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength to use their voice and actions to improve their life and inspire the people around them.

This podcast will range from 10 minute episodes, to give you that shot of motivation you need to keep going. And episodes that dig a little deeper (and last a little longer) where we interview people in different parts of their journey. Whether in the seed planting phase, where there’s hope and courage. In the rooting or stemming phase, where there’s trial, error, and failure but they have the audacity to get up and try again. Or people that are in full bloom and harvest! Where we celebrate and reflect on their journey and cast visions towards the future.